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About Me

After earning a Certificate in Ornamental Plants from San Francisco Botanical Garden at Strybing Arboretum in 1996, I began designing gardens for private and public spaces in San Francisco and Marin. During the same period, I helped produce a number of garden books, including the following:

About the Green Man

Depictions of the “foliate head” and references to the Green Man date as far back as the third millennium B.C. Often described as the consort and defender of Gaia, or Mother Earth, this mythical figure appears again and again through the ages in such incarnations as Cernunnos (the Celtic god of the Forest), Dionysus, Pan, John Barleycorn, Puck, the Old Man of the Woods—even the Jolly Green Giant! All remind us of the interdependence of living things, of our oneness with the Earth. At this point in history, I believe the spirit of the Green Man is rising once again to inspire awareness and action in defense of our planet. It all starts in your own garden.